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Psychic Readings

Diana Rose specializes in seeing the past, present, and especially the future using many different methods answering your questions such as; What will happen in my love life? What will happen with my career? She has over 30 years experience of providing professional intuitive guidance to people all over the world. Many of her very first clients still use her guidance to this day! Because Diana Rose has the answers. For the most powerful and insightful reading contact the world renowned Psychic Om, our client list is a testament to out accuracy and love for our customers.

Tarot Card Readings

Not everyone is qualified to read tarot cards. Diana Rose’s tarot cards are over 20 years old and she has accurately predicted thousands of important questions for her beloved clients for over 35 years. This is why there is often a waiting list to get a personal appointment. This is hands down the most popular reading. Call (832) 656-2541 to schedule your tarot card reading, and get answers today.

Palm Readings

Palm readings are just another type of reading to answer your more general questions. such as, will I marry? How many children will I have ? Will I be successful? This is a great starting point If this your first time getting a reading. Call Diana for your palm reading.

Aura Readings

Aura readings analyze the energies emanating from the body. This includes a chakra evaluation that can determine the health of the body and soul. You may be in need of an aura reading if you are feeling stressed, tired or feel you are out of balance. Auras can only be seen and evaluated by a third eye visionary. Contact Diana Rose for a detailed aura reading and evaluation.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal Ball gazing is a form of scrying which is an ancient technique of gazing into ones future. Diana Rose uses her abilities to visually look at your future with images, movies, symbols. Other forms of scrying techniques used are water and smoke readings, and tea leaf readings. These readings are a powerful and effective way to see into your present and future. Your answers await you, call today!

Vibrational Sound Healing

Laws of the universe tells us that nothing rests, everything moves everything vibrates, so therefore the whole universe is a vibration. Science confirms that everything in the universe including you is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything you experience with your five physical senses are conveyed through vibrational energy, your emotions are vibrations, your thoughts are energy. Diana Rose can evaluate and interpret these vibrations to help you learn to control your energy for the better through vibrational sound healing.

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What to expect

If you’ve never had a reading done before you may not know what to expect and may be a little nervous or anxious, believe it or not this is acatually very natural and quite common, it is in myopinion that most people get nervous because they don’t know what to expect, this is fear of the unknown, I am here to inform you and help put you at ease, so that when you do come in, you can focus on what's important to you, getting answers & the direction you need we are here to help and guide you to your desired outcome, by providing you with that insight.Remember we want you to get the answer’s you need, here at Psychic Om our readers take their job and you seriously, we will not say or do anything to frighten or scare you, so relax don’t be afraid. Relaxing will also help the energy flow better between you and your reader, which means a better session for you overall.

  1. When you come in your reader will greet you and introduce themselves.
  2. Once you are seated and made comfortable your reader will go over the options of readings and will help guide you in your choice of reading that would be most attuned to your situation, some people come in and know exactly what they want, but remember we are more than happy to help guide you.
  3. Once your choice of reading has been selected sit back and enjoy your reading, and get the insight you desire. Our readers are compassionate and ethical, your reading will also be direct and to the point no sugarcoating.
  4. During a reading your psychic reader may ask you for your date of birth and any questions you may have.

Reader/client confidentiality

We love our clients, your confidentiality is always honored at all times no one but you , the client and your reader have the right to know what is said or occurs during your reading it is up to the client if he/she chooses to share their reading with others. As a psychic / reader we do not have the right to share your information with anyone , the only way that information could be shared with anyone else is if you the client request and consent that we do so.

Things to remember

You retain your free will

Please remember that regardless of any reading you ever have done or by whom , you always have freewill , when you are being read it is based on the questions and decisions you are making at that time , you always have the choice or free will to change things . As your reader it is our goal to help you see creative possibilities , even with any difficulties or limitations you may be feeling or experiencing in your life always remember you have the free will to change.

Be Upfront & Honest

It's important for you that you are upfront , honest and accurate with the information you provide your psychic reader just as important as it is that your psychic reader is being honest with you on your psychic messages. The more honest and accurate you are the more accurate you will find you psychic messages.

You May Not always like what you hear

Your psychic/ reader should be honest and straightforward with you so you must realize that sometimes it isn’t always going to be the answer you want to hear , Please do not attack the messenger . Remember they are only trying to be helpful to you with their insight it is not their intention to hurt or disappoint you in any way it is their intention to empower you with the knowledge to make changes or to prepare yourself for changes.

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